Health for a Higher Purpose

“Many people follow their healthy diet so they can be healthy. Sounds sensible. Others eat a good diet so they can have oodles of energy, or endurance, or strength, or a slender body. I’d like to suggest that this isn’t always enough. The field of nutrition has become a bit religious. It tells us to follow its’ commandments devoutly, piously, and if indeed we do adhere to our dietary system perfectly, there’s a feeling that we’re somehow good boys and girls – clean, holy, and assured of a place in nutritional heaven. I’m still surprised how so many people are on a “health crusade.” For sure, I love health, I practice it as best I can, and teach about it with a lot of passion. But I’m suggesting that good health and long life is not enough. So what if you live to be a healthy 100 years old – yet you’re a total jerk. The people around you would rather have you dead a long time ago. Health by itself doesn’t always have meaning. Humans need a reason, a purpose for being here, alive, on planet earth. So what if you spend a ton of energy sculpting a toned body. What else is happening in your life? What’s your fit body for? What gift are you here to give others? Is your life purpose simply to eat healthy, or vegetarian, or raw food, or low calorie? A healthy body is a grace. Are you willing to use it to give back to the world? Can you see that the body is meant to serve a deeper and more beautiful purpose in the world that’s more than just being pretty, skinny or healthy?”

– Marc David, from The Psychology of Eating


What an important reminder about WHY we should be seeking good health. The end target should not be just so I look and feel good, but rather that I am being a good steward of the one body God gave me in order that I may carry out the plans and purposes that He placed me in this world for.

I’ve had it all wrong. I became so self-obsessed in my pursuit of health that I fixated on scale numbers and clothing sizes to the detriment of my mental and emotional well-being. Because I couldn’t maintain or get back to my “magic” numbers, I felt like a failure. This opened the door to depression and loss of passion for life.

Lately, God has been gently meeting me right here where I am to tell me that the lies I’ve been believing are what’s killing me, not my imperfections and setbacks. The things we continually think on inevitably become the words that spill out of our mouths. “I feel terrible, fat, tired, ugly, unworthy, something is wrong with me.” And since words have such enormous creative power, we manifest exactly what we have been thinking and saying about ourselves. When we have such contempt for ourselves, the body responds. That’s what it’s hard-wired to do.

I am reminded that instead of the shame and guilt that I heap on myself when I see my body changing in ways I don’t approve of, I should be thanking Him that I have a body that lives, freely moves and breathes and is designed to heal from within if given the right ingredients. Yes, the right foods are part of the equation, but only part. I also must speak life and grace to myself because my body is listening to each and every word and thought.

Another thing I’ve found is that when I stop obsessing and get back to caring for my body in the correct context, selfishness takes a step back. With all my obsessing out of the way, I can once again see past my own drama, and the needs around me come back into my focus. It is there that I find my sense of purpose reawakening.

It’s not about me. It should never have been. The words Marc David says in the quote above bear repeating, “A healthy body is a grace. Are you willing to use it to give back to the world? Can you see that the body is meant to serve a deeper and more beautiful purpose in the world that’s more than just being pretty, skinny or healthy?”

21 Day Sugar Detox – COMPLETED!



I’m happy to say I successfully completed the 21 Day Sugar Detox! Yay, me!!

My daughter and I went through this together. I would definitely recommend having a partner to do this with you. It makes it so much easier having someone else who knows exactly what you’re going through when it gets tough.

I only lost about five pounds, which is not as much as I thought I would lose. However, at least the scale is going down — ever so slowly — but down nonetheless. The first week was the hardest, but then as I got into a rhythm, it got much easier. I’ve done more home cooking than I’ve probably ever done in my life! Being on this detox pretty much wipes out the ability to eat at restaurants. And convenient foods are out of the question unless I’ve made them ahead myself.

All in all, I am so glad I decided to do this. I’ve definitely diminished the sweet tooth significantly. I’ll not lie and say it’s totally gone, but definitely more under control.

The next big goal to tackle is to get back on track with exercise. This has been especially hard for me because of my lack of energy and constant fatigue. However, I suspect that if I will just get moving my energy will come back.

21 Day Sugar Detox – Day 1

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It was perfect timing that this 21 Day Sugar Detox came across my path at this particular time. I am so ready to be rid of the carb/sugar cravings I have been dealing with and finally conquer this beast!

Today is Day 1, and as proof that I have definitely been addicted, by the evening of this first day, I am already reeling from withdrawal symptoms. I suddenly got a migraine and severe upset stomach and had to just go to bed. It came on fast and all I wanted to do was eat some crackers! No can do on this detox!

I knew I had to push through this because, from past experience, I knew there was nothing seriously wrong, even though it felt terrible. I was simply experiencing a withdrawal from the sudden stop of grains and sugar I’d been so accustomed to ingesting. My body was jumping right in to healing mode and though it feels crappy, good things really are happening. I just have to see it through and not give up at the first sign of discomfort.

Another word on not giving up — people around you who do not see the importance of what you feel you need to do for your body may not understand, and may even hinder you. This is why it is super important to have your “why” firmly decided in your mind before embarking on something like this. Because the temptation will come to give up, and you will most certainly have people around you that say that what you’re doing is too extreme or not necessary. Just remember, though, when you do get through it successfully, you will feel amazing and you’ll be so glad you stuck with it!

In the Middle of My Mess

When I originally created this blog a few years ago, I wanted to share about health and wellness, and how others could find the success I had found by changing my diet and getting healthy.

But, then I hit some bumps in my road, and completely lost my way. There are too many details to sum up in this one post, but let me just say that I felt like a failure at this healthy living mantra I’d been declaring. I had messed up and in a short period of time, all the progress I had made completely unraveled.

One night I sat down to try to write a blog post but was completely uninspired, and I began to read the ones I’d already written. Some of them were pretty darn good, but yet I wasn’t feeling authentically in that place anymore, and with the stroke of a key, I erased them all.

For several months, I’ve been pondering this blog and how I want to reshape it. Because the nagging truth is, I’m a writer and I find my best expression through writing. I need to write about things because that’s how I best work through them.

I’ve had to come to the realization that what was working for me before, was not quite right for my forward movement. Somewhere along the way through the maze of life’s challenging circumstances, and living for years going against the grain of what fits me, I just got tired. Tired of trying. Tired of fixing. Just Tired.

When I’m tired of the fight, I turn to food. When my heart hurts, I turn to food. When I’m angry, … well, I think you see the pattern here. Food is my crack. It’s what I turn to for comfort and numbing when I don’t want to (or don’t know how to) face what’s going on inside.

But, today, I come back to this blog — this space where I always wanted to be true to myself, but had only dared to share the very best parts — and now I choose to give you the honest, vulnerable, unsure, and messy version. See, I realize I have to put away the obsessing perfectionist version and just let the writing be what it is in this moment. Because it matters. The mess is part of the message, or there wouldn’t be one to tell.

mess message

There are plenty of blogs out there to tell you the 5 benefits of lemon juice, or the 10 facts about this or that health miracle. But, here in this space, I long to go deeper than that. I want to allow room for the restorative and healing power of Grace. I need it. We all need it. And, of course, add a good dose of Greens in the mix, and the body gets well, too!

I finally realize that I don’t have to have it all together to have something worth sharing. Last night I came across a couple of videos by Brené Brown about vulnerability, and it went deep into my heart like an arrow. They were the words I needed to hear, to get me unstuck. Thank you, Brené!

(Unfortunately, the video is no longer available so I can’t share it with you).


So, I’m here again. No fanfare or agenda. Just seeing where this goes. ♥